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Purismio Protective Mist Spray


The revolutionary Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Mist that has been dermatologically tested can be applied directly on skin,  surfaces such as phones, door handles, steering wheels , shopping baskets, keyboards, clothes and much more.


Purismio Protective Mist;

  • Certified Veridical and Bactericidal
  • Uses the highest quality ingredients, better option for skin
  • Dermatologically tested 
  • Fast absorption, Hydrating formula
  • Use the Mist from 30cm away from target to enhance coverage


Purismio Protective Mist is certified under EU BIOCIDES REGULATION 528/2012 - Registration Number 8083/20, a product with virucidal and bactericidal effect for hygienic hand disinfection and for disinfecting non-food contact surfaces (including walls) and floors, materials, equipment and furniture.


Purismio Protective Mist has been DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED


What are the Ingredients? 

The primary active ingredient is high quality ethanol (73%) which is optimal proportion for veridical and antibacterial effects, rosemary extracts and moisturising elements.


Ethanol, Aqua, Prop-glycol, Rosemary extracts, propane, butane. Benzalconium Chloride, Rosemaries Acid 



Easy daily use and up to 300 sprays per bottle, making it very economical product to use vs normal sanitisers

Size -  100ml aerosol can

Please do not use on food surfaces.

Please always read read the label before use.


This is not a medical devise. 


Purismio Protective Mist - Pack of 3

£30.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
  • Once opened this product cannot be returned. 

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